Our Story

Based out of Santa Cruz, California, Bodu Knives were created for the cook and home chef that exists in all of us, because cooking can be fun and the quality of the knife you use is the difference between simply preparing food and playing with it. 

The idea came to David Silverglate, a prolific toy inventor, while sitting in his backyard after a hard year hit by the pandemic. He wasted no time calling up product design wizard, Brian Gulassa who, after 18 years of various collaborations, often shares his creative vision. Between the two, the idea that evolved was a set of professional quality knives that would not only be functional, but would spark conversation in the kitchen, feel ergonomic in the hand, and be durable enough to last a lifetime. 


Going with Damascus steel was an easy choice, not only for its beauty, but strength and non-corrosive properties. Damascus is a method dating back to medieval times that, through repeated hammer-welding and forging, produces an attractive, light-reflecting wavy pattern. For ultimate comfort, the handle was designed to curve with the palm, while its unique finger grip accommodates various hand sizes. 


Bodu Knives’ stainless steel unibody design stays cleaner and stronger. Many knife handles are attached by rivets, allowing places for bacteria to form. Our handles are sand cast and finished before being welded with the blade then polished, so where rivets might weaken over time as a result of repeated use and washing, our design makes Bodu Knives dishwasher safe. 


After extensive testing in the kitchen, and with the added expertise and feedback of executive chef and co-owner of Oswald Restaurant, Damani Thomas, we’re happy to say that Bodu Knives have met all our expectations. With Bodu Knives anyone can enhance their cooking experience with professional grade knives, as durable as they are stylish. Sculptures that are accessible to everybody.

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Our Team

Knife Specifications

A perfect balance of artistic beauty, functionality & durability

6 purpose-built highly versatile knives

Made from 73 layers of premium 316 stainless Damascus steel

Layered steel (not folded)

Forged steel (not stamped)

High carbon 10Cr15CoMoV core for durable razor sharpness

Cryogenically hardened steel to 60 HRC15° double bevel edge for razor sharpness & durability

Solid sand cast handle made of premium 304 stainless steel (no fillers)

Welded handle for strength & durability

Rigorous 15 step manufacturing process

No hollow voids or multi-materials to trap food and bacteria

Perfectly balanced for everyday use

Dishwasher safe

Citrus resistant

Lifetime guarantee from manufacture defects

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