Ultimate Versatility

6 super versatile knives for every kitchen and cooking need. Inspired by the professional knives used in the best kitchens, Bodu is designed for every home cook & professional chef. 

Damascus Steel Knives

Choosing kitchen knives is no easy task. Buyers are faced with three main options:

Cheap Amazon knives that are functional but use inferior steel and manufacturing processes – often costing more in the long run

Premium Japanese knives that are beautiful but fragile and require extra care and handling

Mid-tier knives that use quality steel with plastic handles – often lacking precision balance and aesthetics

Bodu is changing the game

Our mission is to bring BFD (Beautiful Functional Design) to your kitchen

Designed in Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Manufactured in factories with 30+ years producing knives for top brands; using the latest techniques to reduce costs and improve quality

The result: premium, beautiful knives that you'll love for a lifetime. At prices that compete with mid-tier knives